Surveillance Summer Watch, Sons of Anarchy: One down, one to go

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I’ve had a lot of balls in the air recently, which have prevented me from getting through my viewing of Sons of Anarchy. However, I did recently complete the first season and figured I should at least post something, however short this may be.

In the first (and only) post on the series thus far, I noted how Sons of Anarchy was fantastic at creating a sense of place and building up its world. The last batch of season one episodes showed what happens when said world starts to crumble. Obviously, ends of seasons tend to bring heightened drama and lots more of it, but here, nearly everyone in or associated with SAMCRO finds stuff getting out of hand.

And really, not one of these characters is able to control things the way they think they can. Clay wants to control the club, get rid of Opie and keep Jax from going off on his spiritual awakening or whatever else that could happen with his head not in the SAMCRO game. Gemma is trying to support Clay in that way by pushing Tara away from Jax, going as far as putting him back together with Wendy, who is obviously still a mess. None of that is working.

Meanwhile, Jax is trying to re-build his family while keeping Tara in the picture. He’s trying to keep Ope’s family safe while keeping Ope in the club. None of that’s really working. Ope tried to protect his wife and support her financially while still giving his all to SAMCRO. None of that really worked. Tara tried to control her emotions and hold in the secret about Josh’s death while finding love with Jax. That kind of blew up in her face. I could go on.

Thus, moving into season two, I’m looking forward to seeing how all these people who tried tirelessly to keep control of their situations react to losing said control. A few of them are seemingly to willing to let the (ahem) anarchy override their life — most notably Jax — but Clay and Gemma are two people who need the situation and people around them to be controlled. They need to know what to expect and how they can manipulate those circumstances to their benefit. But some crazy variables have them on their heels and I can’t wait to watch them attempt to regain their balance.

I’m also interested in seeing how SAMCRO attempts to return to some sort of status quo. With Jax and Piney ready for a change, are they simply going to sit idly by and wait for Clay to do something stupid? Is Jax going to outwardly confront Clay about killing Ope’s wife? We’re given an indication that some sort of revolution is coming within SAMCRO, but Jax’s aimless persona might not allow that to happen. Sure, he might be reading his father’s manuscript and have lots of doubts about why Clay is doing what he’s doing, but it’s going to be difficult to actually convert those feelings into actions. I want Jax to be more active in his pursuit of change in season two.

And if SAMCRO is the family we’re led to believe it is, there has to be some reconciliation. That’s what families do. They fight, they argue, they say they don’t want to be around one another, but in times of need, family is there. I’m not sure how the members of SAMCRO will come back together, but I’m fairly certain they will. Let’s get going with season two!


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