The Return: Details on what’s to come for TVS and musings on Comic-Con 2010

Hiya folks! Well, after my long vacation to Las Vegas and San Diego Comic-Con 2010, I’m back. I’ve missed a boatload of television during my time away, as I watched absolutely nothing from two Fridays ago until now. I’m going to do my best in the next few days to watch most of that and probably combine thoughts on multiple episodes into individual posts. The bigger series like Mad Men and True Blood will be given their single post due as soon as possible. I wish I could have posted more while on the trip, but I realized that I took a vacation for a reason. However, the updates should be coming fast and furious now that I’m back!

One of those fast and furious posts will be my extended thoughts on Comic-Con 2010, but in short: I loved it. The lines were super-long, people had some creepy costumes on and most of the time the questions asked were kind of lame. But for anyone who loves television, film or pop culture in general, I feel like it’s a must-see at least once. I’m not sure if I’ll ever return just because of the cost it requires for a twentysomething living in the midwest, but I’m totally glad that I splurged for this one occasion.

Anyway, TV Surveillance is back online! Woooooooooo!


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