Covert Affairs, “Walter’s Walk” and “Southbound Suarez”

Once again, Comic Con delayed my watching and recapping of Covert Affairs, so here’s your double shot of analysis.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll have a lot to say about these two episodes of Covert Affairs. “Walter’s Walk” was fine, “Southbound Suarez” much less so, but even in the good moments, I can’t do much but barely smile and shrug. That’s because despite a flashy, entertaining pilot, Covert Affairs has had the weakest follow-up episodes of all the USA series I enjoy watching. I can’t quite put my finger on why the second and third episodes haven’t been up to snuff. There have been some entertaining moments and Annie’s emotional journey has progressed nicely. I liked that she had a little bit of a breakdown in episode two after being quickly thrown into things, succeeding and then finally hitting a wall.

But aside from that and Christopher Gorham’s charm, there’s not much to remember about the second and third efforts of Covert Affairs. Bringing Sendhil Ramamurthy in to the fold is a nice idea, but his character isn’t bringing a whole lot to the table aside from creating tension between Arthur and Joan Campbell. The ongoing story with Annie and Ben isn’t really going anywhere at this point — it’s a USA show, of course it’s not — and the false drama created between Annie and her sister over the possibility of guardianship proves that this early in the series, the writers don’t have much planned for Anne Dudek and the family side. That’s fine, just ditch ’em.

Again, it’s not that these episodes are horrible, they’re just extremely light and frivolous. Even for USA. I’ll be sticking with Covert Affairs for the whole season, but I can never promise that there will be too much to write about. What do you folks think?


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