The fall (TV) season is almost upon us — What’s to come from TVS

Hiya folks!

Today is the beginning of September, which of course means the fall television season is just about to begin. To celebrate, I wanted to clue you in on some of the things that will be coming to the site, or at least plan on coming to the site if I can find time to do it all. There are some beginning of the season specific things that I’ll be rolling out over the next week to 10 days, but also some more long-term features that I hope can become the staple of TVS (And no, it’s not more ranked episode lists. As of now.).

First, the more short-term stuff:

I unfortunately do not have access to screeners or any sort of special preview content for this fall’s new series. I know, sigh. But that won’t keep me from previewing what’s to come! I keep a close eye on the development and pilot process and follow the changes pilots make once they make it to series, so I feel fairly confident in my opinion as someone who hasn’t seen jack squat of the new series. That said, I’ll be doing little preview capsules for each of the new series all month, presumably posting them the week/day the pilot episodes air. They obviously won’t be too in-depth, but I like to check in with every series before it airs as way to both help me remember what it is and help you make a decision as to what you want to watch.

Additionally, I also want to round up some thoughts, questions, concerns, etc. with returning series, so expect to see some fun little features about some of our favorite series already on the air. In that arena, look for some “Burning Questions” and “Most Anticipated” posts, along with anything else I can think of that will get us all ready for the new season.

In terms of longer-term projects:

I have two new, big ideas for TVS that I hope will mix up the site amid a sea of recaps, especially with all these new series coming at us. The first one should actually debut today (hey, what timing!) and is called Test Pilot. These posts will see me and a rotating cast of guest writers tackle pilot episodes of various television series across history. With these posts, we are hoping to look at the pilot episode from all angles, placing it in historical, cultural and industrial contexts while discussing its importance (or lack thereof) to the medium as a whole. The dual opinions will often come from someone who has seen the whole series and someone who isn’t that familiar with it in hopes that the discussion will be more interesting and feature fresh perspectives. We are starting with series that helped shape what television is today so there will certainly be lots of praise to start with, but hopefully we can move on to theme months or something where we tackle great pilots that failed as series, various genres and even some much older series. I’m personally trying to expand my television knowledge back further into the time before I was born, so this will hopefully do that and also entertain you.

Secondly, I’m also hoping to introduce something that’s still be tinkered with but important to me nonetheless: New Series Power Rankings! As a sports fan, I always enjoy reading power rankings each week, even if they are somewhat frivolous. Thus, starting later in the month (once everything debuts), I’m going to weekly rank every new scripted series that airs on the major broadcast and cable networks. It sounds like a lot to handle, and perhaps it will become so, but in one way, I’ll be using the rankings to give my thoughts on new series without having to write full-length recaps for each one, so we could say it also saves time. I’m still in the process of figuring out my “formula” for said power rankings, but the plan is to include more than just my opinion (obviously it’s not going to be some majorly complex formula, either).

Anyway, those are some of the big things you can expect from TVS in the coming months. August was the biggest month in the short run of this site, so thank you all for reading and please, please feel free to comment on this, email me ( or send me something on Twitter (@corybarker). I really want feedback as I’m moving forward. Thanks guys and gals.


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