Season Finale (Part One) — Warehouse 13, “Buried”

I hesitated in writing about the first half of Warehouse 13’s finale because it just seemed easier to write about the events as a whole unit. However, while that is probably going to end up being true, there are a few things that are worth discussing.

Most importantly, H.G. Wells has now made her obvious heel turn. Dating all the way back to the season premiere, I’ve been waiting for H.G. to be something of an actual villain, but the series was more interested in making her part of the team for the majority of the season. In the end, that might have been the right approach to take since it allowed the character to develop more naturally and feel like a real person and thus making her turn a little more painful. However, if there was anyone watching the series who thought the character wasn’t going to eventually be the main villain is certainly kidding themselves. And in many ways, we know how this is going to end because the “development” given to H.G. has been fairly one-note. She wants her daughter back, that’s all she’s talked about. And I’m guessing that she found something inside Warehouse 2 that could perhaps take her back to her daughter.

What would be interesting, however, is if the developments with Warehouse 2 were all revealed as a set-up by H.G., and perhaps even some of the season’s other events. If we find out that she’s really been pulling the strings all this time, it will not only be more effective as a twist, but also have more relevance to someone like Myka, who has gone out of her way all year to be a trusting, caring friend to someone who appeared to need just that.

Moving on, this episode does give us a lot of background information on the Warehouses and the almost symbiotic relationship they have with the caretakers. Mrs. Fredric was somehow chosen by a force to have this role, but it’s not clear how any of that actually occurred. What we do know is that when things go bad at a Warehouse, they go bad for the caretakers and we also know that Claudia is destined to be a caretaker. It’s unclear whether or not caretakers have a symbiotic relationship with all Warehouses, past and present or just the current ones, but the series could get some nice mileage out of Claudia with a higher purpose. This development also plays nicely into the series’ theme of how the Warehouse is such a destructive force in the lives of the people working there. The series has toyed with a lot of external factors in this regard, but directly connecting characters to the Warehouses makes a whole lot of sense.

The death of Valda was not shocking after the “one must die” rhetoric, but it’s always disappointing to see Mark Sheppard leave a series. However, I’m more curious as to what his death means or what a death of any Regent actually means. That part of the mythology is especially vague and I’m hoping there will be some reverberations for both the story and the characters.

Finally, I’m wondering what we’re supposed to make of Myka’s vision during the Medusa sequence. Pete saw his doctor girlfriend that supposedly is “the one” — c’mon, we know it’s not! She’s not Myka! — and H.G. saw her daughter, so it was odd to have Myka transported to the Warehouse and in a conversation about a random case with Artie. The season has been really building up the relationship between the two of them and I’m wondering if this part of some pay-off that’s coming. We know that Myka has a rocky relationship with her real father, so I’m hoping this is just a circumstance where Artie is something of a surrogate father and she’s really found herself at home in the Warehouse instead of a freak twist where Artie is actually her father. Right? RIGHT?

All in all, aside from those questions that will surely be answered in the second half of the finale, this is was definitely one of the season’s high points. Warehouse 13 is at its best when it takes tropes and stories from other products and gives them enough of a twist and quirkiness that it feels somewhat original and this Indiana Jones-riffing effort is a prime example of that. Aside from those heavier moments, the episode featured three fun puzzles and created an inherent competition between Pete and Myka over who could solve the most. Those moments were exceptionally cute and charming in the best way possible and the two leads handle those scenes oh so well. It turns out I had much more to say than I thought, which suggests this was actually a great episode. I am now sufficiently pumped up for the finale!


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