Hawaii Five-0, “Ohana”

Though I really enjoyed the Hawaii Five-0 pilot, I didn’t have high expectations for subsequent efforts because of a lower budget, (probably) lesser or cinematic direction and less time to get the characters right. However, episode two, “Ohana,” is just as good as the reboot’s pilot effort, featuring some nice action sequences and a surprising number of good moments between all the characters.

I don’t see myself writing about the series on a week-to-week basis, if only because I’m not sure what I’d say, but I really, really like “Ohana.” The chemistry between Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan is even better here, particularly the antagonistic moments in the car. I can see that the series wants that to be something of a recurring bit and frankly, I’m all for it. I buy the arguments the two have and the series has done some good work in convincing me that these two guys come from different backgrounds and also convincing me said differences influence how they do police work. The sequence with the two of them on the roof trying to get information out of the thug has been done a million times before, but Caan is believable in his smart-ass-with-a-heart persona just as O’Loughlin has found the perfect role that doesn’t require a whole lot of magnetism.

Moreover, the final scene, in which Kona decides not to attend her police graduation because she’s an emotional wreck from being kidnapped and beaten and the rest of the team shows up to support her actually feels earned. These people have been thrown together quickly, but have already had two crazy missions. And it’s believable that even McGarrett would be there since he feels bad for getting Kona into trouble again (hopefully this isn’t a trend), particularly when his gift to her is a gun. It’s kind of a big emotional moment for episode two of a police procedural on CBS, but it works and works well. It’s moments like this one and the hilarious bit in the elevator where Caan’s Danny makes a young boy feel better after McGarrett’s scared the life out of him with all sorts of gun-cocking that convince me Five-0 will be more like NCIS than CSI:, and that’s a good thing.


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