Psych, “Dual Spires”

I haven’t checked in with Psych since it returned from the hiatus, which is unfortunate because I adore Psych and the first two episodes back have been pretty fun. I especially like that the series finally pulled the trigger on Shawn and Jules and has pretty much integrated their relationship into the series with little difficulty. It never had to be a big deal, and that’s why I was always frustrated when mid-season and season finales made it out to be. Let them be a couple, but it’s still all about Shawn and Gus.

Well, except for “Dual Spires,” because it’s also all about Twin Peaks. As a young wannabe television critic and scholar, I obviously haven’t seen some of the classics from before I was born. Twin Peaks premiered when I was not even two years old. However, I went back a few years ago and watched the first season in a fairy quick fashion and just adored it beyond belief. Scheduling and well, life, has kept me from watching the apparently more problematic season two, but I’ll get there.

So obviously, I was excited to here that Psych was doing some sort of Twin Peaks homage episode this season and for the most part, I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the episode. I’ve been glad to see that “Dual Spires” has helped Psych get more publicity because for whatever reason, it’s criminally underrated. It’s nice when The A.V. Club reviews an episode. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever read a review there I disagree with more. Simon Abrams’ review notes that Dule Hill and James Roday have “a fundamental lack of chemistry” which is probably the most faulty statement I have ever heard in relationship to this series. I hate to be THAT find of fan, but the review reads like Abrams hasn’t seen much of the series to begin with because if you ask the rather sizable fanbase of Psych-os, chances are the Hill-Roday partnership tops their list of most enjoyable things.

Anyway, rant over. So yeah, there’s a lot to love about “Dual Spires.” It pays full lip-service to the greatness that is Twin Peaks with a slew of guest appearances from the cast, a Peaksian theme song and story thematically tied to the plot of Peaks, full of melodrama, infidelity and murder. Plus it has a freaking whole lot of the awesome Ray Wise, which makes anything infinitely better. This is a fact. For fans of both series, it seems like “Dual Spires” does a well enough job in making sure that this still feels like something of a normal episode of Psych. Of course, the ending sequences completely jump into Peaks riffs, but I’m not really sure they wouldn’t play fine to someone who has never seen the David Lynch series.

Look, it’s Psych. I can’t spend too much time writing about the series, even if I do love it. And not to attack Abrams’ review more, but his reliance on the fact that the series is too cute for its own good rings false to me. Sure, it’s not Community or really interested in high-concept parodies or dedications. Instead, it’s a finely entertaining USA series paying homage to one of the best television series of all-time. There’s absolutely nothing to complain about in that respect. So I won’t.


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