TV Surveillance’s Best of 2010: Introductions

I love the last few weeks of the year. Not because of Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any of that other nonsense. Nope, I adore this time on the calendar because of all the “Best of” lists. If you’re a regular reader of TVS, you probably know two things about me: I love lists and I really love lists. So when it comes to that time of the year when list-making is widely accepted as a practice of analysis, I’m overwhelmed with excitement. Not only am I jacked to read other people’s lists, but it also means it’s time for me to put out a ridiculous amount of lists and features and no one will think I’m being obnoxious. Well, we’ll see about that last part, but you feel me. And because this is my first “Best of” feature at the new digs — check out the blowout I did last year over at Weekend Watchers — I’m even more excited.

2010 has been a fantastic year for television. This year brought us a slew of great new programs and if we include the second halves of all the series that debuted in the fall of 2009 (which I am for these features), we have probably just experienced the best run of newbies since 2004. While we were just getting comfortable with great new series like Justified, Boardwalk Empire and Louie, we had to unfortunately say goodbye to the likes of Lost, 24 and Law & Order. NBC mishandled its attempts to correct its late night situation and continued to dig itself deeper into a primetime hole. Meanwhile, the ever-popular True Blood and a stable of great new series helped HBO regain its early-aughts swagger. 2010 gave us a reborn Coco, awesome Survivor tribal councils, the Rally To Restore Sanity, “The Rocky Horror Glee Show,” the World Cup and even more awesome episodes of Jersey Shore. LeBron made his decision, CNN brought David Blaine on as an analyst during the Chilean Miner Saga, Dancing With The Stars became about politics and President Obama made appearances on more non-news programs than I can even count. Broadcast ratings might be down, but 2010 yet again proved that “television” does not always happen on the big screens in our living rooms. It’s everywhere, it’s everything and this is my celebration of it.

Throughout the next week or so, I’ll be going through all sorts of random categories and giving out fake awards for the best, worst and all that was in between for television in 2010. I’ll use this page as a regularly updated hub for new posts and commentary. Let’s do this.

Best Reality Competition Series [12/14/10]

Five Worst New Series [12/15/10]

Five Best New Series [12/16/10]

Most Disappointing Veteran Series [12/18/10]

Top 60 Episodes, 60-51 [12/20/10]

Top 60 Episodes, 50-41 [12/21/10]


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