Globes Go Glee (Again) — A Reaction to the Golden Globes

When I wrote my predictions for the television categories last week, I prefaced them by saying that I didn’t really know anything. I don’t follow the Globes as intensely as I follow the Emmys or even the Oscars, but I’ve taken a more detailed interest in award shows over the past few years anyway, so my intrigue for the Globes has sort of increased along with that.

In any event, not shockingly, I was wrong, a number of times. In fact, had I written out my film picks, I would have done a lot better on that side of the proverbial bracket than I did on television. But I’m not really upset. Again, as you have to tell yourself when the entire cast of Glee, including every extra, recurring player or series regular walks on stage to take the Best Musical or Comedy Series award, “It’s just the Golden Globes.” It’s easy to get swept up in banality and stupidity of it all, but in the morning after, I’m less annoyed or jaded about things. So quickly, I’m going to run down all the television categories I predicted and try to see where I went wrong, if possible.

Supporting Actor

The winner: Chris Colfer, Glee

My pick: Colfer

Hey man, this was the second award of the night given out, the first television award and I thought it was going to be a good night for my prognosticating. As we’ll see, that was not the case. But hey, Chris Colfer is awesome! He seems like a generally awesome guy and his speech was pretty classy and uplifting. Glee is the perfect kind of program for the Globes and although I disagree with the heap of praise put upon it by the HFPA, I can’t find one thing to argue against as far as Chris Colfer is concerned. He’s turned in a lot of great performances, even in the Saint Kurt run where the writing as unfortunately failed him.

Supporting Actress

The winner: Jane Lynch, Glee

My pick: Julia Stiles, Dexter

The announcement of this award came way later in the telecast, after Boardwalk Empire had done some damage, so I actually expected Kelly Macdonald to go ahead and take it, thus proving my “Boardwalk could run the table” theory. It did not happen. Jane Lynch wins this year, even though she didn’t last year when Sue Sylvester was infinitely more appealing (this is to no fault of Lynch, of course). I’d like to say I saw this coming because there is really no logic to snubbing Lynch last year and then praising her this year, but I can’t. Not as big a night for Showtime this year as it was last year, so that theory didn’t really hold up as well as I predicted either.

Lead Actor, Comedy or Musical

The winner: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

My pick: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

This one felt like my biggest misfire. In my predictions piece, I more or less discarded Parsons and noted that his first nomination is just the step in the process. I figured he had more of a shot for next year. Well, I’m an idiot. I guess the voters got tired of Alec Baldwin or just decided to go back to their “OH MY GOD SHINY NEW TOY” voting that they’re known for but had kind of avoided for whatever reason over the past few years. I don’t like Big Bang, but Parsons is still good.

Lead Actor, Drama

The winner: Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire

My pick: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

This was the one category where I actually got kind of pissed off. Jon Hamm’s performance in season four of Mad Men is just stupid good. Like all-time good. Throw in the fact that he is a previous winner and he’s now something of a capital-F Famous Person, and I thought he was a lock to win this award. Of course, I again didn’t put enough stock in the HFPA falling victim to the shiny new toy-ness of Boardwalk Empire. It was something I certainly considered in my predictions, but I thought Hamm’s general awesomeness would overwhelm that. I was wrong.

Lead Actress, Comedy or Musical

The winner: Laura Linney, The Big C

My pick: Linney

Hey-o! Two correct picks! Linney was a shoe-in. There was absolutely no question, despite the craziness of some of these choices, that she was going to win. I didn’t watch The Big C past the pilot, but it’s Laura Linney. She’s great.

Lead Actress, Drama

The winner: Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy

My pick: Juliana Margulies, The Good Wife

This also came early on in the show and was met with all sorts of shocking applause. It’s sort of unfortunate that Sagal wins (presumably) for her season three work when both Elisabeth Moss and Juliana Margulies probably deserved it more just out of sheer amount of things to do, but no one is going to complain about a Sagal victory. Her work on Sons, especially in season two, has deserved all sorts of praise from the beginning and maybe, just maybe this means good things for her come Emmy time. I’m guessing not, but at least we know that someone is paying attention. Sagal’s win also falls under the shiny new toy theory. Big night for that.

Drama Series

The winner: Boardwalk Empire

My pick: Mad Men

This award came RIGHT after Buscemi’s victory and at that point, it was obvious that Empire was going to walk away with this one. Again, it’s sort of unfortunate because Mad Men was just so damn good this year and had won the award three years in a row. I suspected in my predictions that Boardwalk Empire might do some work at the Globes, but I couldn’t actually pick the series because the other shiny new toy (Walking Dead) just scared me away. I guess I can be happy that this new program won and the other did not, but I still would have preferred Mad Men or even The Good Wife win the category. A lot more vitriol for Boardwalk Empire than I expected from the Twitter crowd, though.

Comedy or Musical Series

The winner: Glee

My pick: The Big C

Funny, I actually thought I picked Glee as I started to write this piece, but I won’t shy away from my failures. My working theories (big stars, Showtime, actor wins leading to series wins) either didn’t hold or didn’t hold in the way I suspected and thus Glee repeats in this category. I knew this was coming as soon as Jane Lynch won her category, so much so that I was momentarily terrified that Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison actually might win in their categories as well. No offense to them, but let’s just thank the lord that didn’t happen. As I said before, Glee is a Golden Globes kind of program and without Parks and Recreation, Community, Cougar Town or even Party Down in this race, I don’t care too much that it won. I really like Modern Family, but not enough to be sad that it got robbed or anything. Plus, MF won the Emmy and will most certainly continue to win the Emmy. No tears there.

So if you kept track, I correctly guessed a glorious two out of the eight major television awards. That is much worse than I did during the Emmys last fall, but I think I’ll survive. Outside of Parsons and Sagal, I believe I at least had the winners in my RIGHT THERE categories, so I wasn’t totally off-base with much. In any event, on a larger level, I’m not sure if these wins really mean a whole lot. Colfer’s been nominated for the Emmy already, Lynch and Parsons already won and everyone suspects that Buscemi and Linney will be right there come August/September 2011. Katey Sagal’s victory is the only one that could signal more respect from the Emmy voters in the future, but I’m not expecting a lot.

On the series side, again, no real waves being made. Glee was nominated for the series Emmy in the fall and walked away with a few secondary awards, so it’s not going anywhere. Boardwalk is an obvious shoe-in to join the Drama Series race at this fall’s Emmys as well and we’ll be talking about it versus Mad Men at that time as well.



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