TV Surveillance Update: Summer begins!?

Hey folks! I just wanted to give a quick update about the site and my plans for the coming months.

The television season is officially over, which means it’s time for summer. But just because the season is over, doesn’t mean TVS will stop. As you might have seen yesterday, I started what should be a fairly substantial series of “season wrap” pieces. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing some longer pieces reflecting on the whole seasons of my favorite series and throwing in some lists for good measure.

Meanwhile, I’ll be bringing back the Surveillance Summer Watch. I’m not sure what I’ll be watching, but I plan to spend a lot of my summer catching up on television I’ve missed (well, when I’m not writing a thesis). I’m also hoping to do a few ranked episodes of series list, such as my Office and Smallville excursions last summer, and continue discussing the Emmys before and after nominations come out. And of course, I’ll continue to write reviews of what summer television has to offer, from White Collar, Burn Notice, Warehouse 13 and Breaking Bad.*

*Side note: I started a Tumblr. I wanted to toy around with the format, so obviously it had to be TV-related. It’s called TV Grades and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Letter grades of episodes! Right now, it’s only been updated along with the scheduled airing of new episodes, but I’m going to spend some time this summer back-logging seasons and series with the hopes of creating something of a database. Should be “fun.”

But one thing: I am writing my MA thesis this summer. I hope to keep the web site updated on a fairly regular and consistent basis, but I do have to take time to work on the academic side of things. That said, there might be stretches of the summer we’re I’m gone for a little bit. I’ll keep you updated and you can always stay close on Twitter. Anyway, thanks for reading this season folks!


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