Surveillance Summer Watch: Holiday hiatus

Hiya, folks! Happy Independence Day!

I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to announce that there will be no Summer Watch pieces on Cheers or Hill Street Blues this week. Most television series take time off for holidays and therefore, it seems fitting to take some time off now, especially since I’m more or less halfway through each series. Not to mention I’m flat-out exhausted from my summer-long dizzying pattern of TVS work, thesis work, manual labor and personal life things. I need some kind of break and the few hours I’ll save not writing about Cheers and HSB this week will be welcome ones. Never fear though, as I’ll only be taking this week off. Cheers posts will resume Tuesday, July 12 and HSB posts will resume Thursday, July 14. I hope you’re not too disappointed in me. If you are, yell at me on Twitter or something.



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