Programming note: Quasi-hiatus

Hey folks! The next few weeks are going to be really hectic for me personally. I’ll be doing various moving projects and trying to finish up with a first draft of my thesis. What this means for TV Surveillance is sort of unclear, but I wanted to post this little note just in case things get away from me. I’ll say this: All regularly-scheduled posts (Cheers, Hill Street Blues, Test Pilot, the return of #TVFail) will continue to be posted over the next few weeks. Those things are important to me and I hate not keeping a schedule. But outside of those posts, I can’t promise anything, so don’t look for reviews of recent/new episodes of True Blood, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, White Collar, etc. during that period. I might get to some of them, but probably not.

I wanted to apologize in advance. Such is life.


One response to “Programming note: Quasi-hiatus”

  1. As long as you keep TV Grades updated 😉


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