#TVFail: Announcing the #TVFail schedule through the end 2011

Hey everyone! You may have noticed — thankfully a few of you did, based on your tweets to me — that I skipped taking on new #TVFail posts a few times over the last month. I’m here to tell you that its absence is only temporary and entirely based on my hectic summer schedule. I can tell you that #TVFail will return this Thursday with a (hopefully) insightful post.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! As this article’s headline suggests, I’ve already planned out the rest of 2011’s #TVFail entries. Below you will find the schedule from this Thursday all the way until the middle of December. There will be no breaks, you’ll receive #TVFail-related goodness on a consistent bi-weekly basis. I’ll post this schedule on the #TVFail page for further reference. I tried to pick some older things, some different things and generally hoped to mix it up a little bit so the feature doesn’t get stale. And thanks to all those who threw out fine ideas on Twitter, some of which I included in this docket. The rest of your suggestions are under advisement for 2012, but thanks nonetheless! Anyway, here it is:

6: Entourage, “Adios Amigos” (7/28/2011)

7: Moonlighting, “I Am Curious…Maddie” (8/11/2011)

8: Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Mask” (8/25/2011)

9: The West Wing, “Isaac and Ishmael” (9/8/2011)

10: The Wire, “Unconfirmed Reports” (9/22/2011)

11: Survivor: Samoa, “This Game Ain’t Over” (10/6/2011)

12: Friends, “The One With Ross’s Wedding” (10/20/2011)

13: Friday Night Lights, “The Last Days of Summer” (11/03/2011)

14: CSI:, “19 Down”/”One to Go” (11/17/2011)

15: Life on Mars, “Life is a Rock”(12/1/2011)

16: Arrested Development, “For British Eyes Only” (12/15/2011)


3 responses to “#TVFail: Announcing the #TVFail schedule through the end 2011”

  1. […] as I did for #TVFail, I have decided to bash out the Test Pilot schedule through the end of this calendar year. I tend […]


  2. Interesting choices for some of these. “Unconfirmed Reports” is a solid choice for “The Wire”, considering that it started off the only major storytelling mistake the series made over its remarkable five season run. Picking one of the Rita episodes for “Arrested Development” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, since I’d argue that the entire Charlize Theron arc represented a lot of the things that made the show so great (running gags, huge amounts of hidden jokes, etc…). I don’t even remember the “FNL” episode you picked, so that probably means it was a good selection. Haven’t seen any of these other shows, so that’s about all I can comment on.

    Looking forward to reading.


  3. […] month than a month away, #TVFail is back! If you missed it, I posted the entire schedule for #TVFail through the end of 2011 the other day. I’m really excited to be back in the saddle with this one and hopefully there […]


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