Tuesdays with Walt — “End Times” (Podcast edition)

There are loads of great critics writing Breaking Bad reviews every Sunday night/Monday morning. Because of skill and scheduling, I’m not going to be able to stand alongside those reviews. Instead, I hope to write something about Breaking Bad each Tuesday when I have more time and perhaps you are ready for a new day’s worth of material on the best series on television. These pieces won’t necessarily follow my traditional review format, but I’ll obviously be discussing relevant plot details and the like.

This week’s Tuesdays with Walt piece is a little different. Instead of a written post, today I have a special treat for you: A podcast. After leaving it dormant for over a year, the TV Surveillance Podcast is back! You can find more information about subscribing and listen to all the (admittedly old) podcasts on the TVS Podcast page. In the first pod in 16 months, my good friend Adam Lukach and I talk about this past week’s Breaking Bad, discuss season four as a whole and make a few predictions about what might happen in the finale this coming Sunday. For your benefit, I’ve just provided the Breaking Bad pod right here in this post. Enjoy.


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