TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 6 — Lincoln Lee’s Glasses are Ridiculous

In the sixth episode of the TV Surveillance Podcast, Tim Bavlnka joins host Cory Barker for a discussion of the very young seasons of Supernatural and Fringe. The two talk about why season seven of Supernatural is on the path to success and why season four of Fringe feels a lot like the exact opposite of that. Also: You can now subscribe to the TV Surveillance Podcast through iTunes! It may not be available through the iTunes search for a few days, but that direct link will take you right to it. If you hate iTunes and would prefer to listen through another device, the RSS feed is here or you can stream all the episodes on the TVS Podcast page.


One response to “TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 6 — Lincoln Lee’s Glasses are Ridiculous”

  1. […] fan of the early going of Fringe season four. As I said in my short review of the premiere and in my extended podcast conversation with my buddy Tim Bavlnka, the series seemed aimless and lacking any real, substantial emotional […]


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