#TVFail: Announcing the #TVFail schedule for the first quarter of 2012

This time of the year is a super-busy one for many of us, but if you’re a graduate student like me, it’s particularly awful. I know, I deserve it. Graduate students are, indeed, the worst. In any event, because much of the next six weeks is going to be filled with dozens of responsibilities and processes not related to maintaining this web site, I’ve decide to pre-plan a few things that will come down the pike in 2012. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed that I was asking for Test Pilot and #TVFail ideas for 2012 and that’s because I wanted to crank out the schedule for the next handful of entries for both of TVS’ big features.

After much deliberation and a number of great ideas from you folks, I’ve come up with specific schedules for both Test Pilot and #TVFail. The former you will see on Monday, but today, I offer to you the #TVFail schedule through the first quarter (and a bit beyond) of 2012. I’m really excited about each of these entries and I hope you are as well. I still have four more #TVFail pieces to come in 2011, but take a look at what’s just under the corner once the calendar turns over.

17: 30 Rock, “The One With the Cast of Night Court” [January 12, 2012]

18: Dexter, “The British Invasion” [January 26, 2012]

19: Smallville, “Reckoning” [February 9, 2012]

20: Seinfeld, “The Finale” [February 23, 2012]

21: Mad Men, “Tomorrowland” [March 8, 2012]

22: Roswell, “Secrets and Lies”/ “Control” [March 22, 2012]

23: Parks and Recreation, “Pilot” [April 5, 2012]

24: Burn Notice, “Guilty as Charged” [April 19, 2012]

25: Saturday Night Live, “January Jones” [May 3, 2012]


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