TV Surveillance’s Worst of 2011: TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 23 — The Worst TV of 2011

It is that time again folks! The end of the year is upon us and that means it is time to look back on the highs, lows and WTFs in television from the past 12 months. There is a lot to reflect on in regard to television 2011. Charlie Sheen went crazy. Well, crazier. Comedy supposedly made a big comeback. We found out what The Event was, I think. Steve Carell and Michael Scott said goodbye and we were sad. The guys from Entourage also said goodbye, and we were less sad. AMC tried to break a Guinness Book World Record for number of stupid PR disasters by a cable network.

This year brought us a number of great new series such as HomelandHappy Endings and Game of Thronesand a slew of horribly awful ones such as The Paul Reiser ShowHow to Be a Gentleman and Charlie’s Angels.True Blood and Glee kept getting worse while Community and Justified kept getting better. 2011 was the year of Louis C.K., the year of sexposition and the year of The Killing. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting all sorts of lists, podcasts and pieces reflecting back on the year that was. So join me in saying farewell to what was a very compelling year in television. There will be so many lists.

We’re back with a second best/worst of podcast! In this extended pod, my buddies Andy Daglas and Les Chappell join me for a completely loving discussion of the worst television of 2011. As you know, you can subscribe to the TVS Podcast on iTunes. It could be your Christmas gift to me!


5 responses to “TV Surveillance’s Worst of 2011: TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 23 — The Worst TV of 2011”

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  2. […] TV Surveillance podcasts, in which I join Cory and our other buddyLes Chappell to discuss the Worst of the Year and the Best of the Year. Warning: They’re pretty long, and we kinda go off the rails at […]


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  5. There was certainly some very strange goings on in TV this year. And, in terms of technology, we can all now watch these peculiar happening in 3D led tv, making it all more bizarre.


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