Recent plugs from around the web — Mad Men, House and more

As I think most of you know, this has been an extremely crazy, busy time for me. Content has been sparse around these parts — something I promise that will change as early as next week — but I’ve still been lending my voice to various television-related works over the last few weeks. I just thought I’d take some time today and pull them all together in one place. And thanks again for sticking with me folks. 

Mad Men Roundtables 

Hopefully you’ve noticed that Andy Daglas, Les Chappell and myself are doing weekly roundtable discussions about this season of Mad Men. Two (on the season premiere and “Signal 30”) have been posted here, but the three of us are rotating “hosting” duties. Please check out our thoughts on “Tea Leaves,” “Mystery Date” and “Far Away Places.” I’ll update this post when this week’s roundtable goes live. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them. Update: You can now read our take on Sunday’s episode, “At the Codfish Ball” as well.

Podcast appearances

The content most damaged by my busy semester has been the TV Surveillance Podcast, which is basically on an official (I guess this makes it official?) hiatus. However, that doesn’t mean my podcasting days are over. Last week, I joined The A.V. Club‘s Todd VanDerWerff and host Jason for a very fun episode of the TV Times Three Podcast. The three of us discussed JustifiedMad MenGirls and more. And this week, Mark Waller had me on an episode of The Blogulator Podcast to discuss my Test Pilot feature and pilots in general. I had a great time on both podcasts and I appreciate Jason and Mark for having me on. 

Discussing the end of House

Finally, my buddy Adam Wright and I exchanged a bunch of emails about the last string of House episodes, what we expect from the finale and what we want from the finale. Check that out. 


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