[Update] Test Pilot: Announcing the upcoming themes and files

5/25 Update: And they’re all filled! Thanks people!


5/21 Update: Still a few open slots! Help me!


5/11 Update: I’ve updated the schedule with the requested spots. I still have many files open. Please consider joining me!

After much consideration and the help of many of you (thanks by the way), I’ve crafted the Test Pilot schedule through the end of 2012. Below you’ll see the themes and files that you folks voted for the most. I’m really excited about these topics and I hope you are too, because I need your input. If you’re interested in co-writing one of these with me, please let me know in the comments, via email (barkerc65@gmail) or on Twitter

Theme 11: Superhero TV (Special Theme Week): Superheroes are going to dominate the film screen this summer, but they’ve struggled to catch fire on television in the same way — especially lately. This theme explores television’s take on the superhero, from decades ago to today. 

File #46: Batman [June 4, 2012] — with Andy Daglas
File #47: The Incredible Hulk [June 5, 2012] — with Cameron White
File #48: The Flash [June 6, 2012] — with Adam Wright
File #49: Aquaman (WB/CW pilot not picked up) [June 7, 2012] — with Wes Ambrecht
File #50: Wonder Woman (2011) [June 8, 2012] — with Andrew Rabin

Theme 12: Bad Pilot, Good Series: Sometimes, pilots blow. The good news is that series can overcome those terrible opening salvos and become good, even great series. In this theme, we explore five series that overcame pretty weak (relatively speaking) pilots. 

File #51: The Bob Newhart Show [June 20, 2012] — with David Loehr
File #52: Seinfeld [July 3/4/5, 2012*] — with Josh Spiegel 
File #53: Star Trek: The Next Generation [July 18, 2012] — with Thomas Wachtel
File #54: Parks and Recreation [August 1, 2012] — with Les Chappell
File #55: The Vampire Diaries [August 15, 2012] — with Austin Morris

*The holiday messes up my schedule here. If you’re interested in this one, we can talk about when it could be posted. 

Theme 13: War on Terror TV: One of the most controversial/important/extended events in our culture has barely been examined on television. Why? We try to answer that question by exploring the few series that did engage with the War on Terror.

File #56: Sleeper Cell [August 29, 2012] — with Kevin McFarland
File #57: Over There [September 12, 2012] — with Christine Becker
File #58: The Unit [September 26, 2012] — with Julie Hammerle
File #59: 24 [October 10, 2012] — with Eric Thurm

Theme 14: Post-Lost Failures: In the aftermath of Lost‘s initial success, the broadcast networks (especially ABC) tried to capture lightening in a bottle again. They failed miserably. We tackle those failures in this theme.

File #60: Invasion [October 24, 2012] — with Adam Wright
File #61: Threshold [November 7, 2012] — with Eric Van Uffelen
File #62: Surface [November 21, 2012] — with Saralyn Smith 
File #63: The Nine [December 5, 2012] — with Chris Roof
File #64: FlashForward [December 19, 2012] — with Kate Tripoli

There you have it. Again, if you’re interested in co-writing, let me know. And thanks for voting!


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