TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 26 — Upfronts 2012

Happy Monday, y’all! Although Upfronts came to a close last week, we’re not done talking about it. Hopefully you saw my posts on NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS (sorry, I just couldn’t get to the C-Dub), but today we offer you an extended look at all five networks’ big scheduling-related decisions. My buddies Les Chappell and Wes Ambrecht join me for almost four hours of upfront chatter. It’s a lot, I know. I’ve provided a rough key below in case you only care to here about one network or the other. And remember, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, if that’s your thing. 

Note: At times, the audio is a bit wonky. Skype is not always your friend. I apologize. 

3:00-20:00 — Dan Harmon/Community news
20:00-1:18:00 — NBC
1:19:00-1:53:00 — FOX
1:54:00-2:40:00 — ABC
2:41:00-3:02:00 — CBS
3:03:00-3:54:00 — The CW


One response to “TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 26 — Upfronts 2012”

  1. Great podcast! I hope this year you do more.

    Some opinions:

    *I hope Revolution gets renewed. I have faith in Kripke and i think the first season is only going to be 13 episodes so there are going to be less ratings decreases than with 22.

    *Too bad Last Resort is going to be in ABC. Either way i’m going to watch and pray it has an ending just like Terriers.

    *The only thing i liked about The Secret Circle was Phoebe Tonkin. I think they should cast her in Vampire Diaries or another CW show. I’m happy they renewed Nikita over The Secret Circle, i’m my opinion is a better show. I had faith in Secret Circle but Kevin Williamson’s involvement was nule.

    *I really don’t like Julie Plec as a showrunner. I hope by the fourth season she has more experience. At least there are going to be really juicy storylines with Elena. I hope The Following is good or it just wasn’t worth it.

    *I’m really hopeful about Supernatural. I’ve been a fan since season 2. I hope that he can do an arc that last more than one season now that we know Pedowitz isn’t cancelling the show any time soon.


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