About the future of TV Surveillance

Hey all. We just passed the two-year anniversary for TV Surveillance and after a fairly tumultuous opening half to this year, I want to thank everyone for sticking around, engaging with me on Twitter and the like. The good news is that this summer should open me up to write more. The slightly bad news is that my writing attention will be at least halfway diverted to a special, new endeavor that I can’t quite tell you about yet (but should be able to next week).

TV Surveillance definitely is not going away, but I think it will be changing in some ways.

I am no longer enchanted by episodic reviews, so chances are, you will not see many of those around these parts (outside of premieres, finales, etc. I might be interested in). To fill the void, I hope to go both shorter and longer. Look for the blog to have more updates with rapid, concise thoughts on a news item or even an episode or two. I have realized that I do not need 1,200 words to get my point across to your informed minds. At the same time, I have some ideas for longer pieces as well, so it won’t all be minuscule updates. Included in that longer batch will be a slew of “season wrap” pieces on many of my favorite series. Those start next week. And of course, Test Pilot will continue. 

Ultimately, TV Surveillance is here to stay. But I wanted you to be aware of the new normal around here. Thanks again for sticking with me. More big news to come next week.


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