Plugs from around the web

Things haven’t been completely dead around these parts, but they have been somewhat light, and that’s mostly because of my writing for other digital spaces. With that in mind, I have some links for you.

Most of my energy has been dedicated to launching This Was Television, a new venture focused on older television and the medium’s history. TWTV officially kicked things off this week. I’d appreciate if you checked out my welcome address, Q & A and our opening schedule. I’ll be continuing my Hill Street Blues reviews over there and I’m joining the rest of my cohorts in an exploration of the sitcom Taxi. I’ll be doing all sorts of other features and pieces for TWTV moving forward, so bookmark that space and follow us on Twitter.

Elsewhere, the Barker Chappell Daglas Reviewing Agency concluded this season’s new Mad Men business with some extended thoughts on the season five finale, “The Phantom” and the season as a whole. I really enjoyed talking TV with Les and Andy, so expect the agency to continue in some fashion, perhaps once everyone’s favorite meth kingpin returns. 

Finally, I’m beginning a little freelance work for In my first piece for them, I combed through the Emmy nominations ballots that were released on Monday and pointed out a few odd/interesting/humorous things.

Plus, look for more season wrap pieces soon. 


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