TV Surveillance Podcast

The TV Surveillance Podcast is back from the dead! After much consideration, I have decided to start podcasting again. In the TVS Podcast, I will be joined by friends and fellow critics for a regular discussion of all things television. The first four episodes are nearly 16 months old, but I will begin to fill this page will all sorts of new episodes in the coming days and months ahead.

The TVS Podcast will be accessible in a number of different spots. This page will provide links to the all the podcasts (the first four link directly to the TVS Podcast web site [which is only separate for posting/hosting reasons]), and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed through Feedburner. And you can now subscribe to the TV Surveillance Podcast through iTunes!

Episode 1: Breaking Bad and Chuck chatter; Guest: Adam Lukach [June 2, 2010]

Episode 2: Reflections on Lost‘s “End”; Guest: John Barnett [June 2, 2010]

Episode 3: Gleeful about the Emmys; Guest: Austin Morris [June 18, 2010]

Episode 4: Steve Carell is leaving The Office; Guest: Adam Lukach [July 1, 2010]

Episode 5: Don’t Mess With the Chicken Man; Guest: Adam Lukach [October 4, 2011]

Episode 6: Lincoln Lee’s Glasses are Ridiculous; Guest: Tim Bavlnka [October 5, 2011]

Episode 7: A Collage of Pictures of Collages; Guest: Chris Ryan [October 6, 2011]

Episode 8: I Won; Guest: Adam Lukach [October 10, 2011]

Episode 9: Will Schuester is a Horrible Person; Guest: Austin Morris [October 13, 2011]

Episode 10: There Are No ‘Good Guys’ on This Show; Guest: Les Chappell [October 14, 2011]

Episode 11: Steven Moffat, You Ignorant Slut; Guest Myc Wiatrowski [October 18, 2011]

Episode 12: Thematic Analysis of Social Decorum and Legal Procedures 300; Guest: Noel Kirkpatrick [October 18, 2011]

Episode 13: Boardwalking Dead? More like Bored, Walking Dead; Guests: Les Chappell and Andy Daglas [October 26, 2011]

Episode 14: Times Were Different Then, Man; Guest: Adam Lukach [November 10, 2011]

Episode 15: #TwoandaHalfSeasonsandanUnceremoniousBenching; Guest Les Chappell [November 14, 2011]

Episode 16: Welcome to the Seventh Annual Winchester Brother Angst-Off!; Guests: Tim Bavlnka and Chris Ryan [November 17, 2011]

Episode 17: The Future of Social TV; Guest: Andrew Seroff [November 30, 2011]

Episode 18: Broadcast Network Analysis Extravaganza!; Guest: Wesley Ambrecht [December 2, 2011]

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Episode 19: Was This Show Ever Good?; Guest: Louis Peitzman [December 2, 2011]

Episode 20: Be More Like Lost, Walking Dead; Guest: Zack Handlen [December 5, 2011]

Episode 21: Test Pilot, Audio Version: Lucky Louie; Guest: Les Chappell [December 7, 2011]

Episode 22: Best of 2011: The Top TV Stories of the Year — The Year of the PR Nightmare; Guest: Noel Kirkpatrick [December 16, 2011]

Episode 23: Worst of 2011: The Worst Television of 2011; Guests: Andy Daglas and Les Chappell [December 20, 2011]

Episode 24: Best of 2011: The Best Television (and Voice Impressions) of 2011; Guests: Andy Daglas and Les Chappell [December 21, 2011]

Episode 25: Goodbye, Chuck; Guest: Wesley Ambrect [February 3, 2012]

Episode 26: Upfronts 2012; Guests: Les Chappell and Wesley Ambrecht [May 21, 2012]


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