Upfronts: The most interesting timeslot match-ups

All five of the major networks have announced fall schedules and there are obviously a number of intriguing timeslot battles that will influence fans and the networks alike. I thought I’d take stock of the three most interesting match-ups folks will be talking about throughout the fall.Mondays at 9 p.m., Lonestar vs. The Event vs. Gossip Girl vs. 2.5 Men/Mike and Molly vs. Dancing With The Stars: Mondays at 8 p.m. used to be a major battle, but now it seems that the next hour will be full of fire. FOX, CBS and NBC are all trotting out new series in the timeslot while the CW and ABC keep their solid performers there. Perhaps most interestingly, there isn’t a whole lot of audience overlap between any of these series, or at least that’s the case until we know exactly who the audience is for Lonestar. Men should like The Event, young females tune in to Girl, older gals watch Stars, a general batch of older folks like the CBS comedies and it might be a combination of all those other groups checking in with Lonestar — which means it might do very, very well.

Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Undercovers vs. Survivor vs. The Middle/Better Together vs. Lie to Me: I won’t even discuss Top Model and I”m not totally convinced that the ABC and FOX products should be part of this discussion either. For the most part, the battle is between NBC’s most buzzed about new series and CBS’ reality stalwart. Most people thought NBC’s placement of Undercovers was a smart move earlier in the week, and then CBS completely destroyed that plan by moving Survivor, a series that regularly wins THURSDAY nights into the slot. I’d guess that Undercovers can pull Chuck numbers or better against Survivor and for the Peacock’s sake, the figures are much, much better than those it gets with Mr. Bartowski and the Buy More crew.

Thursdays at 8 p.m., Big Bang Theory vs. Community: NBC’s pop culture-powered comedy had a small audience this season without any comedic competition and now it is up against the most popular comedy on television. This is just another case of CBS throwing down the gauntlet against weaker competition and it could mean bad things for NBC and Community because there has to be a good amount of audience overlap there. I bet 20th Century Fox Studios is not happy that two of its three biggest comedies are now competing against one another.

What are some of the match-ups you’re looking forward to?


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