Party Down, “Cole Landry’s Draft Party”

Party Down has been on a role as of late and I think “Cole Landry’s Draft Party” had me laughing more than any episode this season. I think when it started with Ron asking Henry about the amount of semen he releases during an orgasm, I knew that this was going to be a classic effort. And I was right.

The best episodes of the series give all the characters something funny to do and “Draft Party” is certainly one of those. Ron is the butt of many jokes thanks to his ejaculate problem and Kyle’s need to then tell multiple people about said problem. Roman finds himself at the mercy of an intelligent football player, which is ironic. Oh wait, it’s not ironic, as Roman describes and the football player confirms. Lydia continues her sugar daddy search, but this time doesn’t act like a complete fool. And Casey and Henry deal with some minor strife in their relationship about why she doesn’t seem to be willing to embrace him publicly.

Throw in Casey in a costume, Lydia being the only staff member with any knowledge about football, the drunk, wise black football player, Adam Scott’s facial expressions and two uses of “Don’t put Baby in a corner” and we have ourselves one hell of an episode.

With only one episode to go in the season/probably the series, I’m wondering if the writers are setting up another shift in the team dynamic. Though I’m fairly certain the season was finished before Adam Scott and others left, it looks as though the seeds are planted for another Casey-Henry break up, leaving the possibility that Henry is so broken-hearted he quits. Meanwhile, Ryan Hansen also has another job and the possibility of his band scoring a record deal also opens up the opportunity for him to leave as well.

It will be disappointing to see the end of Party Down come, but hey, at least Jane Lynch is back next week!


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