The Good Guys, “The Dim Knight”

For whatever reason, The Good Guys wants to spend a lot of time with its villains. On one hand, that’s not a bad approach for a series with only two lead characters — let’s not pretend the female characters bring anything to the table — and sometimes it’s nice to give a funny turn to awful people. I’m thinking of last week’s flashback where the criminal learned from his father about prostitution and vending machines being the only remaining cash industries.

This week, the episode had way too many villains that not only showed the problems with the “small cases become big crimes” plot structure, but also what happens when the focus on the villains doesn’t really work. In “Night to Knight” (also known as “The Dim Knight” according to other reviews), the crime web expanded very quickly just as it has in the first three episodes, but the multiple arms of the syndicate and baddies arguing amongst another was simply too much. The villains this week were not only weak, but the ones the episode decided to focus on were especially boring while the two — yes there were so many villains this week that there were at least two that weren’t boring and at least four others that were not — Asian fellows were much more intriguing.

So if the series wants to pursue the “here’s the funny side of villainy” stories on a weekly basis, it’d be better off to cut down the number of baddies AND make sure that the funny, is you know, funny.

Meanwhile, the series is also having trouble figuring out what it wants to be. This episode is certainly the funniest from start to finish, but The Good Guys still doesn’t know if it wants to be an action comedy that riffs on cop drama tropes or a straight comedy that’s partially unrealistic and oftentimes more silly than not. At this point, it’s probably better off heading towards the latter tone than the former since Whitford kills it, but let’s forget it out, you know?


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