The List: Ranking the episodes of The Office — Tier 4 [Episodes 92-70]

I’ve been re-watching The Office on DVD this summer in hopes of reminding me how good the series once was. I’ve accomplished that completely, but with TVS in mind, I’m always thinking about how I transfer what I’m watching into some sort of post or feature or whatever else. If you follow me on Twitter — and obviously, you should — you know I’ve been tweeting about doing a ranked list of the series 115 episodes (hour-long/extended episodes count as one). Well, here it is.

If you need more information about my thought process in the selection, check out my introductory post on the matter. On to Tier 4 folks! Lots of episodes here that I liked, and it was perhaps the hardest tier to craft because there were ones that I had trouble placing here. But then I realized there are just so many wonderful and enjoyable episodes of this series that fourth tier isn’t as bad is it perhaps sounds. Anyway, let’s do it. Remember, no particular order.

92. “Body Language” (S6): We should probably just acknowledge the icky way Michael as a mistress made us feel and move on.

91. “Business Ethics” (S5): I like Holly more than a lot of Office fans I know, but this second episode of season five was a disappointment after the wonderful premiere.

90. “Night Out” (S4): This is one of those episodes that I do enjoy every time I watch it, but couldn’t find a better place for it. Couldn’t let my weird S4 love totally blind me.

89. “Hot Girl” (S1): A fine episode, mostly for Jim convincing Dwight that he needs to buy a purse to hit on hot girl Amy Adams.

88. “Secretary’s Day” (S6): Erin’s freak-out aside, it was odd to see Michael randomly not like Erin after multiple friendly encounters.

87. “St. Patrick’s Day” (S6): Meh. This felt like a traditional Office episode after a string of oddities, but that doesn’t make it a particularly good traditional episode of The Office.

86. “Dwight’s Speech” (S2): The fact that Dwight’s speech worked as an effective motivator is not surprising. It’s also hilarious.

85. “Safety Training” (S3): This is one of those episodes where the idea sounds better than the final execution. Although, “Dwight, you ignorant slut” still gets me every time.

84. “Lecture Circuit: Part 2” (S5): A disappointing second portion of a great first episode and fun idea. Angela is just too weird here.

83. “The Duel” (S5): I was never a fan of the Andy-Angela romance and although some of the love triangle moments with Dwight play better on a second viewing, I was more glad this brought the end to it than happy with what actually happened in the episode. Loved the Death-by-Prius though.

82. “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” (S4): If I’m putting the series or NBC on trial in hopes of convincing them of not doing one hour episodes, this episode is the centerpiece to my opening statement.

81. “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” (S2): Michael’s personal connection to children is very cute and heart-warming for sure, but that’s about all I remember this one for.

80. “Basketball” (S1): I love it when Dwight is randomly good at something — like getting women — and his basketball skills were the first indication that behind the mustard short-sleeved dress shirts lived a man of many talents.

79. “Blood Drive” (S5): I tend to think Michael in a relationship is better than Michael on the search for random love…

78. “Happy Hour” (S6): …which means that despite it’s initial humor, Date Mike isn’t my favorite Michael Scott character.

77. “Boys and Girls” (S2): I like this one, but part of the  slight lull in season’s two’s second half.

76. “Business School” (S3): Sometimes, Michael is just too stupid for his own good.

75. “Manager and Salesman” (S6): The plot of this episode should and could have driven an entire season. Instead, the writers blew through it in 22 minutes. That’s smart.

74. “Ben Franklin” (S3): Dwight trying to figure out if this is the “real” Ben Franklin is so stupid. And so, so funny.

73. “Crime Aid” (S5): Another episode with a wonderful start and promising idea that eventually fizzles out in the final few minutes.

72. “Business Trip” (S5): Fun viewing if only for the newly-formed relationship between Oscar and Andy.

71. “Sexual Harassment” (S2): One of the episodes I had a difficult time putting here, but sacrifices have to be made, I guess.

70. “Cocktails” (S3): More memorable for the cliffhanger than the actual events within the episode, right?

Season totals so far: In this tier (total)

Season 1 –> 2 (3)     Season 2 –> 4 (6)     Season 3 –> 4 (8)     Season 4 –> 2 (5)     Season 5 –> 6 (11)     Season 6 –> 5 (13)

–>Eps 115-93


5 responses to “The List: Ranking the episodes of The Office — Tier 4 [Episodes 92-70]”

  1. “Are you near-sighted or far-sighted?” “Both. That’s why I invented the bifocals.” “AAAARGGHH!!!” and “Boom. Roasted.” are comedy gold.


    1. The Ben Franklin-Dwight bit might be one of my favorite moments of the series, period. It’s so, so stupid, but hilarious every time. It sneaks up on me.


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