White Collar, “Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Obvious statement coming: A telltale sign of a good television series is when it produces an average episode and as a viewer, you can let some of the negative things slide because you’re wrapped up in the characters you enjoy spending time with. I didn’t really think about White Collar being there, and in many ways, it’s probably not, but it’s damn hard to not find something fun or entertaining about an episode of the series.

I am not saying that “Prisoner’s Dilemma” was awful or anything, but its main gimmick — Peter’s breaking the law(ish) and on the run! — wasn’t as enjoyable as I expected it to be. That’s not at the fault of Tim DeKay of course, who seemed to revel in the ability to not be so straight-laced (even though his Peter isn’t as by-the-book as the promos would lead an unsuspecting viewer to believe). And not surprisingly, Matt Bomer and DeKay nailed their scenes where their usual equilibrium and banter is reversed.

However, the plot itself was muddled and honestly, a little boring. The case was yet another attempt by the series to not do full-bore white collar crimes, and so it makes sense that other agencies will eventually be involved in those cases, but…meh. But again, the case did involve Mozzie’s lovely talents, a trip to his dojo and Neal wondering if there was a “C.I. off” happening, which means the episode was still worth our time and relatively enjoyable.

Oh, and so SHOCKER! Fowler talked to Kate before she went boom. And, who cares about this again? We already knew that Fowler was a bad guy, he’s in hiding and he’s going to come out of hiding and probably be a bad guy again. Exciting stuff! Sigh.


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